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Most of you know I’ve had a truly enjoyable musical journey over these past decades, and much of that journey is reflected upon in my recordings over the years.


Now my last four CDs,

  1. By Myself

  2. Forget to Remember

  3. Thinking of When

  4. To Laugh, To Love, To Life

have been digitally remastered and made available for digital download. Fifty-one memorable songs and arrangements.

Just go to The Dennis Bono Show "Official Fan Page" on Facebook or for all of the digital platforms, which include: iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, Shazam, Pandora & Target Music.

 Now Available For Purchase – The Dennis Bono 4 CD Collection Box Set!

Complete list of Digital Platforms for music downloads:

iTunes                                     SimfyAfrica

YouTube Art Tracks               Spotify

Amazon Music                      Google Play

Deezer                                    iHeartRadio

Napster                                  MediaNet

VerveLife                                Tidal

Gracenote                              Shazam

7Digital                                   Juke

Slacker                                    KKBox

Akazoo                                   Anghami

Spinlet                                    Neurotic Media

Yandex                                   Target Music  

ClaroMusica                          Zvooq

Saavn                                     8tracks

Q.Sic                                       Musicload

Kuack                                     Boomplay Music


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